So, what is this Astrology thing anyway?

Astrology 101

The world is abuzz with Astrology at the moment, and everyone from our mums to millennials are embracing looking at the stars to create order from the chaos we find ourselves in. yes, Astrology is making a comeback – hallelujah! This ancient art goes back thousands of years, to the Sumerians scribbling Moon Cycles on the walls, to the ancient Babylonians stargazing in their towers and noting the movements of the “wandering stars” and their effect on us down below.

So how does it all work? Is it just the 12 signs we read in Cosmo or on Facebook? Hell no! we can’t be divided into 12. Astrology is a complex “layering’ of a multitude of formulas and symbols, to make up a complete picture called your “natal” chart – your birth chart. Think of it as a map to your life, a guidebook – a tool to “know thyself” as the Oracle of Delphi coined all those hundred of years ago.

So let’s get technical here - if you can understand these four layers of Astrology, then you are on your way to becoming a bona fide Astrologer:


Most people think that Astrology is all about which sign you are. The truth is, Astrology is about Planets – these are the Archetypal energies that represent a certain part of us. For example, our Sun (known as our Starsign) is the part of us that functions as our Personality. Our Moon is the part of us that describes our emotions and needs. There are a total of ten basic planets we look at to tell us what are we talking about – our relationships? Communication? Emotion? Personality? And so on!


Signs describe how our planets behave. It’s a bit like the clothing they wear – are they bright and crazy, or muted and serious?? For example, our Sun – which is our basic nature and personality, in the sign of Aries, will make our personality that of an Aries. However, our Moon – which is our emotional style – may be in the sign of Cancer, which will make our personality and emotional nature rather different. We can’t expect all our parts to act the same, and this is why we can act a certain way at work, another way with or partner, or communicate differently to how we feel.


Aspects further inform us of how the planets are acting, and add an extra layer onto the signs. Aspects are the mathematical relationships that each planet has to each other, if they help or harm each other’s natural expression. For example, if we have our Moon – our emotional energy – aspected by the War planet Mars, we may be prone to more emotional irritation or anger than someone else may be.


Finally, houses are the final piece of the “what” (planets) and “how” (signs & aspects)” puzzle, indicating where these energies play out in our loves. Houses cover everything from career, to money, to love and children, and planets associated with the houses describe how we experience these things in life.

And there you have it – a simple, straightforward explanation of Astrology! Look out for more of our blogs on this amazing and fascinating Art!

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