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If you're anything like us, the holidays can be a time when it's easy for "Merry and Bright" to turn into drained and apathetic. When toxic (or intoxicated) relatives, rampant consumerism, and 24/7 holiday music take their toll it's important to remain grounded. Something that helps me with this are wearable reminders to stay focused, breathe, and remember "just for today" I will not stress the f*ck out. 

Because of the dreaded holiday blues, I'm sharing a free promotion from my friends Ric and Liz at Healthy Wealthy nWise. For a limited time they are giving away a beautiful Energy Healing Bracelet designed to help you balance your major energy centers, protect from negative influences, and foster health and well-being.


The bracelet will help you keep the 5 reiki principles in mind if you're dealing with unwanted stress, illness, or just wanting to make a deeper connection with Cosmic Source Energy. 


There's no quick fix to health and wellness, however, taking small steps to remind ourselves to chill is the best way to keep a cool head during the holiday. 

Click here to get your free Swag! 

Oh, and by the way, they're throwing in a free book about working with crystals, swoon, yaay!  

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